Process Art - Spiders2

Process Art: Weave a Spider Web

Process Art - Spiderweb

What better way to learn about spider webs than to make your own spider web!

My son loved this activity, and we talked about spiders and their webs as we wove the threads around the branches. My daughter, just 2 years old, was also able to join in with his and add some spider webbing herself. The end result still sits in the corner of our playroom.

Process Art - Spiderweb items

Photo by Mommy, PhD

  • Yarn (we had two different colors)
  • Scissors
  • A branch. For best results pick a largish one with many different Y and W stems.

The instructions are relatively basic. You take a branch and tie one end to a stem. Then have the child start to wind the yarn around the various stems on the branch. It doesn’t have to look great, the important part of process art is enjoying the process. We spent about a half an hour weaving our web and talking about how spiders lived in webs.  Afterwords we put the newly webbed branches in the corner where my son put a spider he made out of paper to “live” in its new home.

Helpful Hint: Pre-cut the yarn in about two-yard segments. Begin the web with tying and end each one with tying it to the branch as well.

Process Art - Spiders2

Photo by Mommy, PhD

Engages these things:
  • Fine Motor Skills: the simple task of weaving the string around the various branches helps children practice their fine motor skills and stregthen and learn to control the muscles in their hands.
  • STEM: Although I suspect one could make an argument for the engineering aspect of this activity, I found the best STEM related portion of this activity was the conversations that it opened up about spiders and their habitats. Use this activity as a way to bring up Arachnology!
  • Creativity: Process art is always about the act of doing it and not necessarily producing a “pinterest” pretty piece of artwork. In this case, the end result looks pretty cool (IMO) and has the potential for a lot of creativity the more yarn colors you bring into the mix.



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