Forest Preschool is fun

Forest-y Preschool

Our co-op preschool is not a forest preschool, but it is inspired by forest preschools. Forest preschool is often called a “preschool without walls,” because, as the name suggests, it takes place in the forest. They are popular in northern Europe and slowly gaining popularity in the United States. So, whats the big deal about forest preschool? Forest preschool is about getting children outside and let them learn from the environment. Just by being outside, children are already practicing so many STEM skills, like observation, but with a little adult guidance children also get to learn about more traditional preschool skills ...
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Just an Egg: Coloring Page

This is a quick coloring/painting page for children for upcoming Easter! Enjoy! Just a Egg

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STEM Activity: Spring Scavenger Hunt

The trees are budding, the flowers are sprouting, and the birds are singing. It can only mean one thing here in Minnesota – Spring has finally arrived! To celebrate this wonderful weather, it seemed only proper to go on a scavenger hunt for things you see in the spring! Not only is this activity great to […]

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Behind the Scenes with a CPS Worker

  Child Protective Services (CPS) gets a bad rap. No one ever wants a visit from a CPS worker and the workers themselves report high turn-over, tough discussions and heartbreaking work. Still, despite its downsides, CPS plays a vital role in helping children get out of dangerous situations and helping families through tough times. Today, I […]

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STEM Activity: Bark Rubbings

Bark rubbings are a great way to learn about trees. Not only do the kids get to go outside, but they will have fun creating art in the woods. At our co-op preschool, the children loved the bark rubbings activity. There was a mad dash from tree to tree as the students picked out which […]

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Starting Our Co-op Preschool

A year ago, I never imagined that I would be a preschool teacher at my own preschool. But today I am; I am a teacher at my our own co-op preschool. After K stopped going to preschool, I was distraught. I love learning. I love teaching, and I want to share both of those loves with […]

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Does Movement Help Learning? Find out!

Anyone who has been around very young children knows they typically like to move – a lot. My son is always zooming, bouncing, jumping, and running. We know all this physical activity is good for their bodies but, is it good for their minds too? In many schools these days, movement is treated as the antithesis […]

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