Forest Preschool is fun

Forest-y Preschool

Our co-op preschool is not a forest preschool, but it is inspired by forest preschools. Forest preschool is often called a “preschool without walls,” because, as the name suggests, it takes place in the forest. They are popular in northern Europe and slowly gaining popularity in the United States. So, whats the big deal about forest preschool? Forest preschool is about getting children outside and let them learn from the environment. Just by being outside, children are already practicing so many STEM skills, like observation, but with a little adult guidance children also get to learn about more traditional preschool skills ...
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STEM Activity: Classic Volcano

I am sure just about anyone who comes to this blog knows about the preschool/elementary school “volcano” experiment! And that is for good reason, not only is it educational but it is also entertaining. There are so many variations on this activity; I’ll show you what we did. Materials: Cups Baking soda Vinegar (white) Optional […]

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Why Sensory Processing Is Important in All Children

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, the term sensory processing seems to come up often.  If you haven’t heard of it, sensory processing is a key part in how children learn. Every person, even adults, have their own responses and aversions to specific sounds, tastes (brussel sprouts anyone?), and textures. A […]

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More than Scribbles: What a Child’s Drawings Tell You

When my son turned three, he used to make the most wonderful drawings of cars. He would make long cars with eight wheels or big trucks with giant wheels. Then, at about three-and-half something changed. He stopped drawing “things.” He just started scribbling. There were never any pictures that represented anything. Sometimes if you ask […]

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Art Activity: Making Edible Necklaces

There is always a kind of novelty doing an edible art activity, like these edible necklaces. K loved making a necklace out of Fruitloops, and J, well she just ate them. This activity not only encourages precision work and fine motor skills, but it engages the sense of taste and provides an opportunity to talk about rainbows. Materials: […]

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The Amazing Truth About Being Outside

Almost everyone agrees that sending kids outside to play is good for them. This focus on outdoors has spawned the increasingly popular forest preschool phenomena in Northern Europe and even in the US. Richard Louv, famous for his book on Last Child In the Woods, even coined the (controversial) term “nature deficit disorder.” But that still […]

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Seven Ways Dying Eggs is Educational

Many of the activities that we already do are educational for kids and we don’t even realize it. Dying eggs for Easter is one of these cases. Sometimes it can seem like a lot of trouble to boil eggs and decorate them (and then eat egg salad for the next week?), but more than just […]

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