Forest Preschool is fun

Forest-y Preschool

Our co-op preschool is not a forest preschool, but it is inspired by forest preschools. Forest preschool is often called a “preschool without walls,” because, as the name suggests, it takes place in the forest. They are popular in northern Europe and slowly gaining popularity in the United States. So, whats the big deal about forest preschool? Forest preschool is about getting children outside and let them learn from the environment. Just by being outside, children are already practicing so many STEM skills, like observation, but with a little adult guidance children also get to learn about more traditional preschool skills ...
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Preschool Expulsions Happen and it’s Tragic

Laden with valentines, my husband and I went to my son’s preschool for, what we thought was, a regular meeting. We dropped of the valentines and goodies and peered through the window at our son playing cars with a male aide. We were slightly nervous, because our son had been having problems at school. There […]

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Process Art: Weave a Spider Web

What better way to learn about spider webs than to make your own spider web! My son loved this activity, and we talked about spiders and their webs as we wove the threads around the branches. My daughter, just 2 years old, was also able to join in with his and add some spider webbing […]

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A Pyrrhic Victory: We got the IEP

So, my last post I said, I was not going to fight for special education and it turns out that I don’t have to: my son qualified. To be honest, this was a big shock for me, because I was fully expecting them to say that he didn’t qualify (the social worker had even warned me). When […]

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Why I Wont Fight for the IEP

On Monday, my husband and I will have the final meeting for my son’s evaluation for special needs in the public school district. I don’t think he is going to qualify for services (yet?) and to be honest, that is okay with me. Even though I feel like he should qualify, and I feel that […]

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Five Characteristics of High-Quality Preschool

When my son turned two-and-half, I started looking at preschools. I had a great experience in preschool, which I credit with igniting my love of learning, so naturally, I wanted to share that love with my son. I thought, I had found the perfect preschool. The school was small. It seemed nice, and friends recommended […]

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Days Like This: When Parenting is Far from Perfect

My favorite days are the days that are filled with smiles, giggles, cuddles and “I love yous.” I love the days that are sunny and warm and we all go out berry picking or to the park. These are the days that I hope will last in my memory when I get older and as […]

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